Mission Statement

I began my journey as a tutor in 2018. As a recent college graduate, I was confident that I had the skillset to help students reach their goals in math, physics, and computer science. While I knew the coursework, I did not know how or where to find students.

At first, I figured it was best to work under a large, well-known tutoring platform where the day-to-day operations would be handled, and the tutoring sessions would take place online. It sounded great, but I ran into a few issues.

Pricing – No matter the material I taught – from ACT prep to college calculus – I received $15/hour while the students were charged between $60 - $80/hour.

Lack of intimacy – The process of pairing qualified tutors with students was impersonal and did not account for specific student needs or tutor strengths.

Misguided values – Intent on maximizing revenue, the company was creating as many tutoring sessions as possible, even when students were receiving minimal value. While providing access to tutors is important, I believe the primary goal should be to match students with the right tutor who will help them make tangible strides towards their education goals.

While this business didn’t provide an ideal service to their customers, they did one thing right - they utilized technology tools to make managing a tutoring business simple and scalable.

We built Watton to provide the same technology tools to everyone, and to make it free for tutors and their students to use. We hope that the small but very high-quality tutoring businesses will use our software to reach more students and to operate as efficiently as larger businesses.

By providing easy-to-use payment, scheduling and notification tools, we hope more teachers will see the value in tutoring and that accessibility to high quality tutors will become easier and easier. Ultimately, by enabling tutors to focus solely on teaching, students will benefit and that is what fuels us at Watton.

Jake Watton

Founder and CEO

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