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Schedule Sessions

Match tutors with students

Manage all sessions through your customized calendar

Monitor the status of each session

Watton’s scheduling system helps you keep your calendar organized. We can be as hands on (or off) as you like. If you want to use the calendar for your own purposes, but still communicate your availability directly with clients, we won’t get in the way. We will just keep you up to date on what sessions you have scheduled and if you have billed for them or not. If you want to let Watton handle everything for you, we can do that too. You can invite students to your tutoring page and allow them to book sessions that are only available according to your personalized availability. You’ll never have to worry about double booking or scheduling a session that doesn’t fit with your personal schedule.

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Track Payments

Allow tutors to invoice their own completed sessions

Record payments with a single click

Send reminders for overdue payments

Automatically monitor profit at multiple timeframes

We’ve spoken to several tutors and one thing they all have in common is the concern that they can’t manage their accounting. Sometimes they forget to bill for sessions, other times they accidentally double bill a session, which upsets customers. They also feel uncomfortable charging for late cancellation fees because they do not have a set policy in place. Let Watton make it easy for you. We will remind you to send invoices for sessions, prevent you from billing twice for the same session, and automate any late cancellation policies you put in place. With our all-in-one accounting system, all of your finances are managed for you.

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Seamless Client Communication

Invite students and tutors to sign up with a personal link

Students and tutors can monitor their own sessions and invoices

Send email or text reminders to students and parents

Every tutor has seen the following email or text at some point (if not several times) - “I completely forgot we had a session scheduled for today, can we reschedule?” When you see that message, you are then faced with the frustrating situation of charging a late cancellation fee, or sacrificing the cost of your wasted time. Let Watton save you that predicament. Using our notification system, you can automatically send email and text reminders well before a session or before your late cancellation policy kicks in. You can customize your account to send messages for several different scenarios so that your clients are constantly aware of sessions, bills, and other offerings.

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Watton connects with other leading applications to make your life easier. Don’t be concerned with having to deal with yet another system, we fit right in with applications you already use. Got another application in mind that you’d like to see on this list? Let us know.

Google Calendar

Watton will automatically create Google Calendar events on sessions you create. If you allow students to request sessions with you, we will even make sure nothing is scheduled in your Google Calendar that will conflict.


We are featured on the Zoom Marketplace! Connect your Zoom account with Watton and you will be able to automatically create Zoom video meetings on any session you create. Tutors and students will be able to access the Zoom meeting directly from Watton.


Accepting and sending payments directly on Watton is fast and secure thanks to Stripe. If you connect your Stripe account, students and guardians can pay for sessions via credit card or bank transfer.

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